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  1. Mohammad Afsar

    Salaam Monia

    I read your article on Hijab and have no issue to adopt this as part of your attire. I have no comments on your claim that you chose this reasons of choice and freedom.
    However, I do take and exception for you to include “spiritual” as one other reasons.

    Pl. forgive my ignorance but based on my study of the Quran (the last doubtless prophetic message of Islam ), I fail to agree with you contention that there is religious faith behind it.

    I would be pleased to receive information about those references which you had used to decide wearing this attire for spiritual reasons..

    Also, based on my study of scholarly opinion of both distinguished muslim and other authors (including female authors like well known Fatima Mernici) it is a cultural practice.

    In my opinion therefore women wearing this as part of their attire are doing no justice to their adopted home countries in the west, particularly when they claim that .

    Mohammad Afsar

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